My fascination with photography predates my teens, beginning with my first experiences in the darkroom. Seeing images "magically" appear in the pool of developer, the product of light and chemistry, had me hooked. The thought of being able to influence the outcome by experimenting with the two has kept me engaged.

I have always been close to cameras and the images that originate within - whether recording the progression of life and family or freezing a moment in time when I experience something unusual and visually appealing. Independent of whether I capture a scene that is beautiful, breathtaking, ironic, or unexpected, I am driven by the challenge of the capture and transforming it into an image that surprises and delights others.

While the technology of photography has changed enormously over my lifetime and much of the chemistry has been replaced in the equation by electronics, most of the basic elements of photography have remained the same. Whether these changes haves improved the art form is arguable. Personally, I have found all these changes creatively liberating, an avenue for the kind of growth that excites me daily. I continuously hone my skills, both with the camera and in the digital darkroom. I am always preparing to freeze that next moment in time when something special catches my eye and transform that capture into an image that causes someone to stop, look and consider. There is no greater compliment than for someone to ask me about how I captured an image.