My interest in glass began early when my father, a metallurgical engineer, managed a glass and metal manufacturing company in Mexico City. The shop floor was full of workers in a dance of glowing globs that magically became drinking glasses, lighting fixtures and other functional objects. The concept of red-hot masses of liquid transforming into blue, green and amber solids remains one of the mysterious memories from my early childhood.


Fast forward through years of family building and business/career development and my curiosity was reignited at Schiphol airport, where I purchased my first piece of art glass. I appreciated what studio artists were creating and visits to galleries and studios became part of my travels. My children could always count on finding me near some bright shiny objects. As the display cabinet started to fill, the children grew up and my business demands lessened, I committed to find my own voice in glass.

My designs are inspired by textiles, architecture and nature. I am still enchanted by the dualities of glass- solid/liquid, transparent/opaque, smooth/textured. Even though I've learned much about glass material science, I embrace the merger of my intent with what the glass and heatwork contribute to the piece. I love the anticipation and sense of recalled mystery every time I open the kiln.